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George Steiner:
In Bluebeard's Castle. Somes Notes Towards the Redefinition of Culture
ISBN 0-300-01791-3 Yale University Press © George Steiner 1971
Reproduction interdite sauf pour usage personnel - No reproduction except for personal use only

We are very grateful to Professor George Steiner for allowing us to make this text available here.

For Daniel and Joanna Rose

A chaque effondrement des preuves le poète
répond par une salve d'avenir.
René Char


I wish to express my thanks to the University of Kent at Canterbury and to the Trustees of the T. S. Eliot Memorial Lecture Foundation at whose invitation the contents of this book were given in lecture form during March 1971.

Thanks are due also to Mrs. Carol Weisbrod, of the Yale Law School, who saw much of the material in draft and made valuable corrections and suggestions.


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